What Is A Dangerous Amount For Crack Overdose?

Crack cocaine is made from cocaine hydrochloride, and then this is processed with ammonia or baking soda and water into a “freebase”. Then they cool and filter this so that it dries into “rocks”. These rocks are the crystallized crack that is eventually smoked in a crack pipe. A crack pipe is a metal pipe used just for smoking crack cocaine.

When someone smokes crack, they are inhaling vapors that immediately enter the bloodstream. It can mess up your whole central nervous system and cause seizures.

People easily use crack with other drugs because it is mixed with other drugs to increase potency. This also means you never know how pure the drug is and how much of it could be something toxic like ammonia.

Crack Overdose: How Much Is Too Much?

An overdose ultimately depends on tolerance. Tolerance is the bodies build-up of the substance in the body. This happens when people use crack every day, and it builds up in their body, so they need more of their drug to get high over time.

Crack Overdose Complications

It is possible to overdose from crack because if you take too much of it, your body cannot handle it. Knowing the signs of a crack overdose can save someone’s life, so let’s look at some of these signs.

Common signs of a crack overdose include:

–    agitation

–    cold sweats

–    coma

–    confusion

–    coughing that produces black mucus

–    excessive tremors

–    fainting

–    fever

–    hallucinations

–    insomnia

–    itching

–    narrowed pupils

–    problems breathing

–    seizures

–    severe headache

–    shallow breathing

–    slowing heart rate

–    stopping pulse

–    violent behavior

–    vomiting

Crack is not more harmful than cocaine is, but it is definitely more addictive just because of the way it is taken through inhalation. Over time it can affect the body and the brain.

Using crack regularly can lead to problems like anorexia because it causes excessive weight loss which is sometimes the original intention. This can cause exhaustion, behavioral issues, and even depression. The highs and contrasting lows when it comes to crack use can cause depression because people feel that they can’t be happy unless they are using crack.

What Is A Dangerous Amount For Crack Overdose?

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