What If I Combine Crack With Alcohol?

We all know that crack cocaine is a very addictive substance. It causes short, but intense bits of euphoria called a high that can keep people coming back again and again. Alcohol is a known depressant which means it can slow down your nervous system and keep you low and mellow. Mixing them together really changes the effects up and makes things more dangerous, so it is never recommended.

If you end up drinking while smoking crack you might try to drink more alcohol than if you were just drinking. This is because you might not feel the effects of the alcohol as quickly due to the crack so you can take more alcohol than you need.

Effects On The Brain

People who take the crack and then mix in alcohol like to think they can cancel out the adverse effects of the other but that is not true. Drinking alcohol while smoking crack can make your high last longer and be stronger and make it more euphoric.

Crack basically convinces the brain to produce more of a natural pleasure-inducing chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is released during pleasing events like eating good foods or even sex. Crack tells the brain to produce a lot of dopamine at once in a waterfall that isn’t really able to be experienced naturally.

Cocaine, in general, is known to cause lots of problems such as chest pains, strokes, seizures, hyperthermia, and hypertension crises. Common side effects are being hyperactive, talkative, and being more aware of sight, sense, and sound.

Drinking alcohol while high on crack can speed up your intoxication. You don’t feel the effects as strongly as you might at first because you’re not realizing it, which means people drink more alcohol. This can easily lead to alcohol poisoning if you’re not careful.

People who use crack often report to also use alcohol alongside it. It is known that more than half the users of crack in rehab are also in rehab for using alcohol as well.

Using both alcohol and crack can cause these symptoms:

–    euphoria

–    impulsiveness

–    self-confident

–    sociability

Specific problems can also arise from using these two substances together. These problems can include:

–    breathing problems

–    cognitive impairment

–    increased heart rate and blood pressure

–    loss of coordination and motor function

This is why crack cocaine and alcohol should not be mixed.

What If I Combine Crack With Alcohol?

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