Our Staff

At the Crack Addiction Treatment & Rehab in Beaumont, Texas we are sure to have a staff that is experienced and friendly and ready to treat you skillfully. These are people who understand the process and are prepared to care for you and help you along with your recovery.

Most of the people who work here know about addiction from personal experience whether with themselves or family member which means they don’t judge and they understand at a much deeper level.

Everyone deserves the life that they desire especially if they are willing to work to get there. That is what recovery is ultimate, and it is hard work to get there. We want to give a respectful, caring, and home-like environment to our patients.

Our staff is made up of trained addiction specialists. There is staff always on hand to help people who need it, including our medical staff, psychiatrists, counselors, and more.

We have doctors with high medical backgrounds ready to supervise detoxification. They’ve had years of experience and addiction treatment and know how best to assist in making patients feel comfortable and able to handle their recovery process.

We have psychiatrists and psychologists that are specialized in handling those suffering from addiction. Behavioral therapy is an essential part of addiction recovery and can be a part of people relearning to enter society once more.

People need to be able to trust their doctors, which is what our staff hopes to cultivate. We want to trust and intimacy so that patients feel safe and comfortable to express them and ultimately grow.

Our staff knows that deciding to get sober is not an even choice to make, and we are here to care and understand you. That’s why we aim to assist those who need it in learning to retake their lives and enter society once more which is important.

At our center, our staff is ready and capable to get you on your way to recovery. Give us a call today and check it out.

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