Is It Hard To Quit Crack And How To Stop Using It?

Of course, crack cocaine is hard to quit considering it is one of the most addictive illegal drugs out there. This is because crack causes both physical and psychological dependence. This means your body thinks you need it, and so does your brain which can make it almost impossible to give up on your own.

Your brain basically decides it cannot function without cocaine, so convincing it otherwise can be a complicated process.


As stated earlier crack is one of the most addictive drugs out there. It is a Schedule II drug which translates to meaning:

–    A substance with a high potential for abuse.

–    A substance with no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the U.S.

–    A substance which can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

Cocaine is a drug that works very quickly to get you high and gets into your system. Smoking crack is even worse than cocaine because it really gets deep into your system and gets you a very strong and very short high.

Why Is Stopping Crack So Hard?

This is because of all the changes it likes to give to the brain. Crack like a lot of other drugs effects the neurotransmitters that produce a natural brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical that gives you pleasure which can be from sex or something as simple as getting a job done.

After a while of using crack can convince the brain that it doesn’t even know how to make dopamine without the drug, so the users only feel that they can have pleasure If they get high and use the drug.

The high that is caused by crack cocaine is intense and euphoric and that in itself is addictive because the brain can’t produce that alone. Smoking crack means it enters the bloodstream quickly and makes you want to receive the pleasure it can give. Of course, over time you need more and more to get the high that you want.

This is called tolerance, and it can lead to overdoses easily because you can take more of the drug than the body can handle. It also means that you may experience the symptoms of withdrawal if you try to stop using it. These symptoms can be painful, intense, and make it hard to stop using.


There are dangers to trying to quit on your own, and it is not recommended. That is because withdrawal can lead to using and you might take too much because of how stressed you are and how much you are craving the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms that crack users may experience include:

–    Anxiety

–    Difficulty concentrating

–    Exhaustion

–    Hallucinations

–    Irritability

–    Manic episodes

–    Paranoia

–    Rapid mood changes

–    Unpleasant dreams or insomnia

Additional Health Risks

Of course, using crack cocaine for long periods can have serious side effects, but there are many that you actually may not have expected. People who have had chronic lung issues may experience what is called “crack lung” from inhaling crack cocaine. Crack can keep your blood vessels from properly circulating blood. This means if you try quitting crack you can have trouble with your breathing.

Crack use can also cause depression because of the lows you get when you’re not using the drug. It makes it hard to get pleasure from anything without crack, and this can make people feel sad and upset about their lives and lead to actual depression over time.

Is It Hard To Quit Crack And How To Stop Using It?

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