Crack Addiction Info

Crack cocaine is the name for a dangerous drug that can be found on the street. It is strong, highly addictive, and never safe to use in any amount. Crack cocaine appears as a crystallized off the white substance. Usually, it is made by mixing baking soda or ammonia with powdered cocaine so that it hardens into this rock-like substance.

People generally then heat the “rocks” and vaporize it in a glass pipe that they use to inhale the vapors. Using aluminum foil or even old soda cans is possible. Some people go so far as to inject the mixture into their bodies to get the high they desire.

The reason crack cocaine is named as such is because it makes a cracking, popping, and hissing sound as it is heated, a bit like popcorn.

Effects of Crack and Abuse

Because crack cocaine is illegal, that means it can never be used legally. Using it at all is an abuse of the substance. Smoking the drug means that it gives a high way quicker than if it were snorted like the powdered form of cocaine. It is very strong so that means it can be too easy to overdose on the drug accidentally.

Over time though, the constant use of the drug means that you can build up a tolerance. Tolerance is when the body gets used to the drug and more is needed to get the high that they want. This can easily lead to an overdose because they’re trying to get the high they are used to.

Effects of crack cocaine can include:

–    Confidence

–    Euphoria

–    Hyperactivity

–    Talkativeness

–    Tension

Addiction To Crack Cocaine

The reason crack is so much more dangerous than regular powdered cocaine is that it is far more addictive. This means that even trying crack one time can cause an addiction. The problem is that the high that comes from crack use is short lived which means they want to keep using to get high. This can lead to addiction very quickly.

Using crack cocaine causes a release of dopamine, which is a natural chemical in the brain that makes people feel pleasure. This also causes the body to grow dependent on the crack even to make the dopamine, and it is harder to feel pleasure without the crack.

It can also be tough to quit using crack cocaine as well. One of the symptoms of crack cocaine addiction is intense cravings. So if you don’t use regularly, the cravings can make you feel sick because your body thinks they need to the crack to function.

Crack isn’t usually started without something else being used first. People move to crack after powdered cocaine because they want a faster and stronger high and because they might already be addicted.

Crack can also be cheaper than regular cocaine because it is mixed with household drugs. This means it is more accessible to those who are looking for a quick and cheap high.

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