Author: cyral

What If I Combine Crack With Alcohol?

We all know that crack cocaine is a very addictive substance. It causes short, but intense bits of euphoria called a high that can keep people coming back again and again. Alcohol is a known depressant which means it can slow down your nervous system and keep you low and mellow. Mixing them together really […]

What Is A Dangerous Amount For Crack Overdose?

Crack cocaine is made from cocaine hydrochloride, and then this is processed with ammonia or baking soda and water into a “freebase”. Then they cool and filter this so that it dries into “rocks”. These rocks are the crystallized crack that is eventually smoked in a crack pipe. A crack pipe is a metal pipe […]

Is It Hard To Quit Crack And How To Stop Using It?

Of course, crack cocaine is hard to quit considering it is one of the most addictive illegal drugs out there. This is because crack causes both physical and psychological dependence. This means your body thinks you need it, and so does your brain which can make it almost impossible to give up on your own. […]

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